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E-learning has moved to CPD Online!

E-learning has moved to CPD Online, Peterborough City Council's Learning & Development Platform

Employees already have access to a select number of elearning modules on CPD Online, and with hundreds more available to us, we will be adding extra modules on weekly basis. A combination of adapted ‘off the shelf’ modules will be offered as well as our own bespoke ones too.

CPD Online is the Learning and Development platform which also hosts training bookings for Children's and Adults Services. Now, the platform is also where corporate face to face training bookings (once training resumes) and e-learning modules relating to council-wide and social care topics, are available for PCC staff.

There are some great features to the CPD Online platform for you to explore:
  • You can search for courses via the ‘channels’ on the home page (children's adults or corporate) or by clicking the eLearning tab on the home bar - it will give you the choice to search for face to face events or elearning. If you want to see the list of all elearning modules available leave the search box blank and click submit.
  • You can access your elearning course completion and face to face event records via 'My CPD'. Alternatively, if you click the eLearning tab on the home bar you can the access your elearning completion records only via 'My Learning'.
  • Managers can also access their teams elearning and face to face training records in their 'My CPD' Section
  • Both managers and staff will clearly be able to see which elearning modules are mandatory and if these have been completed.
Courses previously completed in LGSS ILearn will not be recorded on CPD Online.

Useful operational tips:

  • We are aware of some issues with streaming videos when using Internet Explorer. If you experience a video within an e-learning course which has a continuous loading sign or will not play you can try opening the course in Chrome.
  • Please ensure you have pop-ups enabled on your browser in order to view the video content. If you are unsure how to do this; 1. Open Chrome; 2. Click Settings from the three dots in the top right corner; 3. Scroll down to Privacy and Security and select Site Settings; 4. Scroll down to Content and select Pop-ups and redirects; 5. Turn the setting to Allowed.
  • We recommend that you work through each of the sections in turn. Alternatively, you can click on any section heading to go directly to a specific subject.
  • In order to receive your certificate of completion, you will need to ensure that you complete all sections.

For further support with elearning, please see the user guides below

Self-registration Instructions For Peterborough City Council Staff

Elearning User Guide - General User

Elearning User Guide - Line Manager Leader Tools


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