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Safeguarding Children's Enquiries 21/9/2021, 22/9/2021, 23/9/2021

Safeguarding Children's Enquiries 21/9/2021, 22/9/2021, 23/9/2021

This 3 day training course is designed for Experienced Social Workers within Children’s Social Care. Participants must be nominated by their Line Manager to be able to book on and priority will be endorsed by Heads of Service if needs be.

Staff must commit to attend all 3 days

Learning outcomes

1. Define the term significant harm and examine the need for agency intervention.

2. Understand national/local guidance that impacts on safeguarding investigations and the roles, duties, powers and differences between the police, social workers and other agencies.

3. Explain the procedure, membership, content and recording requirements of a strategy discussion and your role within it

4. Understand your role in leading section 47 enquiries including the gathering, recording and analysis of evidence to inform the immediate safeguarding decision making and safety planning.

6. Outline process for undertaking an initial contact with a child or young person as referenced in Achieving Best Evidence including the required planning and preparation and taking into account factors which may impact on communication.

7. Demonstrate awareness of how to communicate with children and young people, the different types of questions and appropriate use of questioning techniques.

8. Understand local Protocols for specific groups such as under 1’s, fabricated and induced illness, Forced Marriage and Honour-based violence as well as national areas of concern for all age ranges.

9. Demonstrate understanding about the need to analyse and manage risk throughout the process including discussion with line manager/management oversight throughout.

10. Understand the role of and the referral process to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)

11. Know how and when to seek advice including a second opinion with regards to legal, medical or other specialist issues.

12. Understand outcomes of section 47 enquiries and next steps required including timescales and ICPC process

Date: 21/9/2021, 22/9/2021 & 23/9/2021
Time: 9:30am-4:30pm
Venue: Virtual classroom


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