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Code: COP 20/044 Display Screen Equipment (Mandatory)

Surveys of office workers, conducted by the Health and Safety Executive, have revealed that many employees experience pain and discomfort following extended periods of working with display screen equipment (DSE). This can result in long-term health issues and the loss of a significant number of working days each year. This e-learning module is designed to give a thorough overview of good DSE practice, how to set up workstations and adjust the immediate environment to minimise the risk of injury and distress.

Code: COP 20/039 Equality Act 2010 (Mandatory)

Welcome to the Equality Act 2010 module. This module provides an overview of the Equality Act 2010 and the public sector equality duty.


The aim of this module is to explain what this legislation means for service planning and delivery. It will help you to apply equality as you go about your work.

Code: COP 20/038 Equality in the Workplace (revised) (Mandatory)

Welcome to the Equality in the Workplace module. This e-learning unit provides an overview of why equality is important in the workplace. The aim of this course is to increase awareness of equality in the workplace and to identify the expectations we have of you in terms of your behaviour. It will also give you practical help in challenging unlawful discrimination or inappropriate unlawful discrimination or inappropriate behaviour.

Code: COP 20/006 Freedom of Information (FOI) Suite: Part 1 - A Guide for Local Authorities (Mandatory)

This is the first part of a two-part suite on Freedom of Information (FOI). The second part is on Handling Requests. The content covers what FOI means and the responsibilities it imposes on organisations. We also look at how FOI affects you and your organisation, the roles that are affected by FOI and how they should manage their responsibilities.

Code: COP 20/036 Information Governance (Mandatory)

This module will provide you with a comprehensive guide to why information is so important, the risks to its safety and what you can do to protect it.

Code: COP 20/042 Introduction to Health and Safety (Mandatory)

Over the course of Introduction to Health and Safety we’ll take the learner through a range of key areas, including common workplace risks, legal obligations, using a workstation, accidents in the workplace, fire safety, managing stress and more. Practical case studies and knowledge checks are included throughout. 

Code: COP 20/004 Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (Mandatory)

The module is designed to raise your awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking and to help you recognise your role in identifying and reporting concerns. We outline the different forms of modern slavery and what the law says in relation to each. We also cover how to raise concerns and offer advice and guidance for dealing with both adult and child victims.

Code: COP 21/022 Our Conversations (PCC) (Mandatory)

This elearning module is designed to give you an overview of 'Our Conversations', which is Peterborough City Council's new way of reviewing and recognising performance.

Code: COP 20/037 Prevent (Mandatory)

Welcome to this eLearning module on Prevent. Completing this module will help you to identify signs of radicalisation, and understand when and how to report concerns appropriately. 


This module should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Code: COP 20/045 Return to the Workplace (Mandatory)

This module has been prepared to provide you with some reassurance and key messages about returning to an office location. It may be that you are doing some work from one of our offices at the moment and have seen some changes take place already, or, it may be that you have been working from home since March and haven’t been into an office at all. Either way, the staff survey told us that some of you may be feeling a little apprehensive about returning to an office location, and this is completely understandable. This presentation will outline what measures we have taken to make our workplaces safe, and what you can expect to see when you do return.

Code: COP 20/035 Welcome to Peterborough City Council Corporate Induction (Mandatory)

During this module you will find out about working for Peterborough City Council and what you need to know as an employee.